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Veterans Housing Program

SSVF Office Space Serves Double-duty Helping Vets Get Back to Work

a photo of veteran clients of NCHP's preparing to interview for security jobs National Community Housing, helping Veterans get back to work.

National Community Health Partners’ veteran housing program, National Community Housing, helped several veterans in Yuma County stabilize their housing and increase their financial independence by advocating for job placement.

Aron Security was looking for dependable and mature personnel to help them fulfill local and statewide contracts. Our National Community Housing’ Vocational Specialist helped SSVF clients secure interviews. NCHP facilitated the process by providing space in our Yuma office to conduct interviews.

Five of the six open positions were filled by NCHP clients.

To further assist our clients and Aron Security, NCHP provided space for non-carry security guard training. Our clients conclude training for their new jobs Thursday and take another step towards financial surety.

NCHP would like to thank Aron Security for their cooperation and congratulate our National Community Housing team members and clients for their success and hard work.

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