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Collaborating with community stakeholders to help serve underserved populations

National Community Housing - Services

NCHP is working in Yuma and Pinal counties to help end homelessness for veterans and their families.


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We perform many more services to the benefit of our clients. Please contact us to find out if you qualify and if we can help you.

Highlights of NCHP's 'National Community Housing' Program

National Community Health Partners has implemented a transportation system (ADA Mini Buses) within both counties in order to transport qualified veterans and families to needed services identified through a comprehensive assessment process. Each household has been assigned a case manager who assists with addressing housing stability assistance, health care services, legal issues, education/vocational goals, rent, utility, and security payments, moving costs, financial planning, and child care.

  • Case managers work individually with veterans to establish their housing status and needs, and try to determine if there are underlying causes for short or long term housing complications that need to be addressed.
  • Stabilize housing situation for veterans at risk of becoming homeless or engaging 'Rapid Re-housing' for those who are in need of a stable housing solution.
  • Work with Community Based Outpaient Clinics in the target counties to help veterans without documentation obtain the documentation proving their veteran status, necessary to obtain services reserved for veterans.
  • Provide linkage to care or support assistance if the participant is in need of long-term and ongoing programs such as long-term homelessness or mental health treatment.
  • Assess and help address income issues including job skills, training, education and risk factors.
  • Provide transportation assistance to and from appointments for dispersed participants lacking personal vehicles or other forms of reliable transportation.


If you believe yourself or someone you know is eligible for assistance under the National Community Housing program or would like more information, please contact the appropriate field office.

Email National Community Housing


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Yuma County Office

255 W. 24th St., Suite 4
Yuma, AZ 85364

(928) 726-6022
F: (928) 726-2972

Pinal County Office

501 N. Florence St., Suite 101
Casa Grande, AZ 85122

(520) 876-0699
F: (520) 876-0841


Work with homeless or veterans?

If you or your organization works with veterans or the homeless population and would like to know what we offer or how we can coordinate services, please contact the appropriate field office to arrange a discussion, presentation or networking event.