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Collaborating with community stakeholders to help serve underserved populations

NCHP Projects

National Community Health Partners has been or is currently involved in a wide spectrum of projects to address the health disparities among underserved and minority populations.

Border Health Infrastructure Initiative

NCHP is working to launch a project to correct serious health disparities along the U.S.-Mexico border. Help us establish the Dr. Andy Nichols' Border Health Infrastructure Initiative and provide access to medical services to the most vulnerable populations along the U.S.-Mexico border. Find out more about the Border Health Infrastructure Initiative here.

Teen Pregnancy

NCHP has implemented a variety of programs for teen health that educate teens and parents about sensitive issues related to drugs and alcohol, premature sexual activity, and juvenile delinquency. Learn more about Teen Health programs and our Abstinence program.

Food & Nutrition

NCHP is committed to promoting healthy eating and physical activity to combat obesity and related health disorders. Learn more about our Food & Nutrition programs.

Migrant/Border Health

NCHP has been working on border health issues since our foundation in 1984. Learn more about our Border Health programs.

Substance Abuse

NCHP has extensive experience in providing education regarding substance abuse. Learn more about our Substance Abuse programs.

Environmental Health

NCHP has extensive experience in providing education regarding the health impact of pesticide exposure, lead poisoning, and unsafe drinking water. Learn more about our Environmental Health programs.

Tobacco Cessation

The longterm health benefits of ceasing the use of tobacco products is well documented. NCHP's programs can help prevent or stop tobacco use, improving future health outcomes. Learn more about our Tobacco Cessation programs.

Family Strengthening

NCHP promotes healthy living by encouraging positive family relationships and enhancing communication and coping skills. Learn more about our Family Strengthening programs.

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Who We Are

Formerly Border Health Foundation (BHF), we recently changed our name to National Community Health Partners (NCHP) to reflect the expansion and scope of our services.

Based in Tucson, Arizona, with a regional office in New Orleans, our organization was founded in 1984 to address the health needs of border populations. Since then we have developed a strong national presence providing education and services to minority and underserved populations in 44 states and two U.S. territories.

We have housed over 70 public health programs and services promoting the health and well-being of individuals and communities across the U.S. It is our goal to improve health outcomes through innovative services and compelling educational programs.

NCHP provides training and technical assistance to community based organizations and health departments serving minority populations at risk for HIV/AIDS. We implement programs that educate teens and parents about sensitive issues related to drugs and alcohol, premature sexual activity, and juvenile delinquency. We provide services addressing substance abuse, tobacco cessation, environmental health, nutrition and positive family relationships.

National Community Health Partners is prepared to assist your organization.

For more details regarding our programs and services please browse through our Projects tab above.